22 November 2011

Feng Shuing the Bed

My friend was telling me that she was sick of being single and she had just spent the weekend 'feng shuing' her bed to hopefully attract more guys. 

She didn't even need to tell me what she meant. I knew exactly what she was talking about - position your bed so that there is space on both sides as opposed to having one side against the wall. It's usually point 7 or 8 on the list of Feng Shui tips for romance (the first one usually being display a pair of Mandarin ducks or paint your SW corner pink). The Secret goes even further asking you to only occupy one side of your the bed only so that there is space for another person to enter your life. (Well, it goes even, even further asking you to make space in your garage for your perfect man's car as well).

Most of my life, I've slept with my bed space on both sides. During these periods, some of the times I've had new men enter my lives and sometimes, I've been single. I know girlfriends who have read Feng Shui books and have shifted their beds who are still not any closer to being attached. And I know others who's bedsides are backed against their walls and THEIR lives are constantly peppered by new men.  

In classical Feng Shui, having space on both sides of your bed does help the energy flow better in your room and it is a position you should strive for. Being backed up against a wall, its almost like you are trapped in a corner with limited options and energy doesn't actually circulate properly. 

But it's not going to guarantee that a new partner will enter your life. Your romance luck is determined more by other factors - i.e. the shape of your house, what areas of your property are missing, the structures around your property and most importantly, your Ba Zi. If you are in a period with no relationship luck, all the space in the world on both sides of your bed is not going to make a difference.  

But a bed can help steer you in that path. You can place your bed so that it taps a direction that is supportive to you. And you can position it in your room to ensure that the energy is channelled best. Both these measures will ensure that you are well-supported and that you are not stuck or hindered. And then as most wise men say, what's meant to happen, will happen.