28 January 2014

Feng Shui Forecast 2014: The year of the WOODEN HORSE

This is my third year offering a forecast for the year based on the teachings of Grandmaster Chan. There are many formulas to try and read the energy pattern for the year. That’s what a Feng Shui forecast is – an energy reading, to try and gauge what the dominant energy of the year is. It’s very much like a weather forecast which is why I shy away from using the word “prediction”. As I mentioned, there are lots of different formulas for this - flying star and the birth chart (also known as a Ba Zi) are only some of the formulas. The easy part is doing the formulas, the hard part is interpreting them.

So what kind of energy will the year of the wooden horse bring?

17 January 2014


This is just for my own purposes actually to learn from what I did right and what I did wrong. But for those interested in might be an interesting read as well.

On the whole, I think the reading was quite accurate. Some highlights below. You can read the full forecast here:

Forecast: Rain with chance of flooding in April, November and December

And if we did have lots of something last year, it was rain.  November and December saw flooding in the UK with some needing to be evacuated from their homes on Christmas Day itself.

There were floods in Singapore in November as well. In these months, there was just too much of water in the chart. 

Forecast: Big natural disaster in April or October

The St Jude Storm was the biggest to hit England over a decade with gusts of up to 100 mph (close to that reached during the 1987 hurricane). This storm caused more havoc all over Western Europe. And pretty soon after that, the typhoon hit in Philippines with devastating consequences.   

Forecast: Proper summer this year

And true enough, we had a proper summer in England this year after a long time. It was the hottest summer since 2006

Forecast: There will be abdications among Heads of States (basically a loose term that denotes central figures for a country)

I actually thought it would be Queen Elizabeth but it turned out to be Queen Beatrix and Pope Benedict. They both announced their abdications late January / early February.