27 January 2015

Prelude to 2015 forecast - how accurate was the 2014 forecast?

I would say not bad. I made some mistakes (on investments) but on the whole, the main predictions were more or less on the spot. Below are the highlights. 

"... lots of air and water disasters (travel incidents related to air and sea, explosions, etc). This might involve lots of casualties ..."

When I wrote this in December 2013, I thought it was going to be bad but reality turned out to be far worse than what I imagined. The South Korean ferry disaster and all the airplane disasters. So many lives lost. So many families affected. It's been heart-wrenching watching it. 

"... consumer confidence will return, consumer optimism will return ..."
I think lots of us have forgotten just how dismal and bleak it's been the past couple of years but in 2014 we saw a marked improvement in people's perception of the economy.  

"... the stock market could reach a high ... "
And it did. The London FTSE reached a 14 year high in September. The NASDAQ hit it's best level since March 2000 in August 2014. The Dow Jones also reached it's 7th fastest 1,000 point gain in it's history. 

What I didn't account for though was the inherent instability and turbulence of the horse's energy which also meant huge dips in these indices as well. Something to note for the future. 

"The job market could start flourishing again, especially after July so jobless graduates or those made redundant, hold on for a little while longer. The market will start moving again. ..."
The US market released a rosy report on the job market with over 280,000 jobs added to the market in June 2014 and there was a strong market rebound in the UK as well with unemployment rate falling to a 5 year low. 

"... Agriculture will be good this year. The harvest will be plentiful... ideal weather for crops ..."
This is an excerpt from Morning Star on the best performing stocks for the year ... "Thanks to near-perfect farming conditions and a lack of natural disasters this harvest is set to be a bumper one for both the US and Europe ..."

That's all.

"... It will get warmer and flooding will stop proving to be a problem ... "
Well, that was an understatement. 2014 turned out to be earth's warmest year on record. I do believe 2015 might surpass this though. We'll see. 

" ... lots of romantic dalliances and sex scandals in the news this year"
The year started off with Francois Hollande's affair and ended with the allegations against Bill Cosby. And peppered in between there were Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, etc. 

" ... Property prices will see a recovery (as fire and earth are strong in the chart) ..."
This was definitely the case for the UK. 

You can read the full 2014 report here. I promise the 2015 forecast will follow soon.

11 January 2015

Ba Zi (Chinese fortune-telling) - a personal story

Last year, I quit my job.

Now, I'm usually a very practical person and very responsible but last year, I couldn't bring myself to stay on at my well-paying job. It just felt impossible. So I quit and my last day was September and for months, it's been absolute bliss. It was what I needed. I tried to be responsible and apply for new jobs immediately upon quitting but honestly, my heart wasn't in it. I couldn't muster enthusiasm for some of the jobs and for others, even when the interview went really well and good money was on the table, I couldn't bring myself to accept it. All I wanted to do was rest and relax after 7 years in a highly-stressed environment.

This again seemed very unlike me.

I remember showing my Grandmaster my chart and he immediately showed me why it was that I quit this year. I was so surprised. Sometimes you can spot things in other people's charts but you miss out so much of your own. And he mentioned that it's going to be hard for me to get my act together in 2014. That instead there was a high chance I'd get a good job in 2015 instead. I should have asked him when of course. Missed my chance. So now all I can do is hope something turns up.

With regards to the forecast for 2015, I have done it. There's a 10 page PDF circulating with my clients and friends. If you would like a copy, just send me a message and I'll email it to you. I'll try and post a summary on the blog as well.

Happy 2015

9 December 2014


By the way, the wood pig month of November began on 7 November and ended 6 December. I've done a quick recap of events that happened in November to see if it matched up to the energy forecast. Not bad, it's getting easier to read the 'what is going to happen' but I wonder if I can crack the 'where'. Anyways, to read the full November forecast, click here  

It did. After hearing reports on the bullish property market for most of the year, the coverage changed in November, at least in the UK. Reports started coming in about a dip in property prices and mortgage approvals being at a 7 month low

There were lots of protests against the Government. Basically there was a clash in the chart which always indicates conflict and there was no power in the chart, which means power/authority is weak and under attack. 

But I failed to include the police under 'power / authority' because November was a month where the police force was under attack. First the Ferguson riots and then the protests all over US and even the UK over the Eric Garner case - both over the refusal to indict the police officer. 

In Mexico, there were demonstrations against the Government's response to the possible massacre of the student teachers.

After months of mild weather, there were instances of sudden, heavy rainfall. And this is the precise characteristic of 'unstoppable water.' It's sudden and it's ferocious. 

In the UK, we saw heavy rainfall and over 20 flood alerts issued over a couple of days around 14 November. Brisbane experienced a sudden and heavy storm. And typhoon Hagupit hit the Philippines (4 December). 

Eleven people died in Italy in just one month over freak weather conditions (storms, flooding, landslides, mudslides) as well. In fact, the earth was so weak and the water so strong that around 70 coffins were swept away from a cemetery in Genoa due to heavy floods - 

I'm not doing a December forecast as I'm focusing my time on doing one for 2015. The energy will start changing in any case from mid-December (the winter solstice) so I'm going to concentrate on this for now. I'll post this reading before the solstice. Till then happy December.

9 November 2014

November 2014 - the month of the wood pig

Doing a forecast for November based on the Ba Zi system. Ba Zi is a Chinese system of fortune-telling popularly known as 4 pillars of destiny. It's 4 pillars because there is a pillar for the year, month, day and time of birth. Each pillar is assigned two characters leading to 4x2 = 8 elements.

And just like a person, we can do a birth chart for a month as well to assess it's pre-disposition.

Firstly, pig is an animal assigned to the water element. So what you have is water supporting wood. This is good, we can interpret it as the earth supporting heaven. The energy is calm and long-lasting.

Unfortunately, the chart itself isn't very harmonious. There are clashes in the chart. Fire and water clashes which bodes gunfire. This also means accidents but I'm not too sure about this as the clash isn't very strong. The chue yik shows "oppression" moving towards "conflict". This makes it likely that conflicts will spring up during this month. People protesting against the Government. There is no power in the chart as well. If there was no 'power' in a person's chart, it's usually an indicator of someone who is untidy and also someone who shouldn't be having a career with the military or the Government. In addition, this person will have a hard time holding on to money. In the month's chart, the lack of power could mean 'against the Government' and the Government might have to give in and negotiate with their people.

I also think it's going to be a wet month. The water is very strong and characters combine to form "unstoppable' water. And there's no earth in the chart which means earth is weak. Taking both of this into account, maybe we'll see some landslides.

Wood related matters - nature, forestry, even income, wages, worker's rights, schools and health (NHS) will be in the forefront of issues.

Those looking to invest, wood (paper, forestry, textile) and fiery industries (entertainment and energy) will be good places to invest. Do not make any real estate investments this month. The earth is weak. Property prices might also take a dive this month.

The pig is the last animal of the Chinese Zodiac sign. It's a handover animal. It hands over a new cycle to the rat who signals the new start. A pig is always digging in the earth. It likes to know what it's holding, the content of materials before it hands over. Its a good time to take stock of 2014 - what you've achieved and what you are still hoping for. And start looking towards planning for 2015.

2 November 2014

Your fortune for the year

It's November and I should be starting on the chart for next year but right now I'm completely occupied with updating the personal Ba Zi charts for next year.

What is a Ba Zi chart? You might also know it from it's more common name - 8 pillars of destiny. It's a Chinese system of 'fortune telling.' You basically study a person by assigning an element to the date, time, month and year you were born and you then study the inter-play of these elements.

The main aim is to balance out the chart because like most Eastern philosophies, it is believed that an unbalanced chart is the root of all problems. One way the chart can be balanced is through the environment that surrounds the person i.e. Feng Shui. [When I was younger, I went to a house in Kuala Lumpur with a huge swimming pool in the front. I later learnt that it was there for Feng Shui purposes. The person was weak wood so it needed water to feed and balance the person's chart.]

Right before Chinese New Year, most Chinese, be it in China, Hong Kong or Singapore, will go to their Feng Shui masters and ask for their 'fortune' for the coming year. What basically happens here is that we try and understand the elements the upcoming year brings and try to assess the impact of this on a person's personal chart. From this study, we can tell if next year will be a good one for a person in terms of career opportunities and money or even if it's a good year for romance.

It's not all good news though. It's also about the precautions one needs to take. One chart I came across for a male showed that he needed to be careful with his money this year as there might be a younger woman coming into his life and stealing his money. So the advice to him was to be careful of 'relationships' for the upcoming year.

For some people, if the next year is going to be especially bad for them, we tell them to lay low. Don't make any big decisions. Don't change jobs, don't take big risks, don't buy a property or invest large some of money. The year is against you.

Thank god for all the charts that I'm doing now, next year seems to be very good. Even for me. Yay!