15 December 2012

Natural disasters in 2012

Ok, this might be a case of confirmation bias (i.e. using only examples that confirm your theory) but I have been doing the Ba Zi charts (chinese horoscope) of the days of when some of the more recent natural disasters have occured and it's quite startling (for me, at least) how much the energy of the day resembles the occurences and even how it's being talked about by the media. 

2012 itself was meant to be a year of TOO MUCH WATER (read floodings, rain, tsunamis). And this year definitely reflected that. In November, there was another round of flooding in the UK. The chart for those days showed TOO MUCH WATER falling on SOGGY EARTH. If you read http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/nov/27/rain-eases-northern-england?intcmp=239, the floods have been attributed to "saturated ground alrady waterlogged after one of the wettest summers in recent times ..." 

Besides massive rain and flooding, there have also been a lot of earthquakes in 2012. If you study the elements, when there is too much water in a Ba Zi chart, the earth energy is weak. Weak earth is not a good support. If you are weak, you give way easily which is why this year has been particularly prone to earthquakes. We have seen at least one 7.0 magnitude eathquake every month this year (with the exception of May and June). 

Are we going to have some respite in December? Nah. The chart for December is basically a raging ocean (Heaven water). It will wash everything away. Nothings going to stand in its way, It'll be hard to control. Tsunamis and earthquakes seem very likely. The hexagram is literally thunder below a lake (earthquakish energy) which then transforms to lake over lake (excess of water). So the energy for the month is an earthquake that has the potential to transform to a tsunami and if a tsunami does hit, it's going to be very hard to control.

The recent earthquake in Japan struck on 7 December 2012, exactly on the date of the start of December in the Chinese calendar. There was a small tsunami and there were fears of a repeat of 2011 tsunami but thankfully, the tsunami didn't materialize. If it did, there's a high chance there could have been lots of damage (human and otherwise).

Scarily, if you study the hexagram, the tremors show an origination from the Northeast and the earthquake in December shook the Northeast coast of Japan. YIKES

And what about Super Storm Sandy? That's another post altogether!

23 August 2012

Why is it always raining?

Do you remember my 2012 forecast? I mentioned that it was going to be a very, very WET year with lots and lots of flooding. 

And boy or boy, has it been a wet year. In early 2012, Queensland experienced flash flooding with roads and airports needing to be closed. For the UK, 2012 was a record year for rainfall as well. I remember watching in disbelief as weeks of relentless rain turned into months of relentless rain. Washout summer took on a WHOLE NEW meaning. So why so much of rain and worse, flooding in 2012?

11 June 2012

Properties around the Broadway Market Lock

I was walking around the lock near Broadway market the other day and someone remarked that the people living around here must be rich as they are all near water. 

Most important cities (actually, a lot of capital cities if you think about it) have a river running through them. To a city, a river represents life - it's from here that trade, merchants and wealth come from. Not surprisingly then, a body of water is associated with wealth in Feng Shui. Water has other important functions as well but most of the time if you are trying to boost wealth in a property, one of the best ways to achieve this is through water.

But not all bodies of water are the same. Some are 'good' water and some are 'bad' water. This is usually determined by the type of water feature and also where it is located. So what about those living near the Broadway Market lock? Will the lock bring wealth?

22 April 2012

Example of House with good Feng Shui structure

Image courtesy of freshome.com
So what's a house with good Feng Shui? It's hard to come across houses these days that seem to conform to classical Feng Shui principles but hey, just saw this on a blog. It's in Bukit Timah, Singapore.

The house is very symetrical and nestled by it's surroundings giving it a very strong foundation. The tall trees lining the edge of the house is also protective and very auspicious for the partriach of the property. There is also a lot of space at the back of the house which helps to store energy. There's no point in grabbing good energy if you can't store it.

But what I really like about this is the pool. It is a good size, not too overwhelming for the property and the glass windows at the back make it easy for the house to grab this water energy. Hopefully, the water is located in the correct direction (avoid having water in the West, Northwest and Southwest sectors of the property).

4 March 2012

Protecting your job

Image courtesy of http://www.learning3pointzero.com/
A friend was just telling me that a couple of her husband's colleagues were let go on a Monday, this was after they worked the whole weekend on a deal. It sounds really inhumane and yet, this is a reality for a lot of people right now - working flat out with your fingers crossed that you are not going to be the next to go. 

The usual question I get is, is there anything "Feng Shui-wise" they can do to protect their jobs? Here are some general things that you can do:

22 January 2012

Chinese Zodiac Signs for 2012

When I was young, I always marvelled at how majestic sounding the English Zodiac signs were compared to the Chinese ones. You had the twins of Gemini, the water-bearer, Aquarius and even the fish was called Pisces. They sounded so mystical and grandiose. THEN you have the Chinese Zodiac signs - very Asian, very practical. No mysterious names. The rat is just a rat. And the pig is, wait for this ... a pig. It reminds me of the very creative names of the Hall of Residences at NTU. You guessed it - Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 3, etc

Image courtesy of buzzle.com