3 October 2011

Don't buy a house this year

In Singapore, or even in Asia, its not uncommon for people to consult an astrologer about which year they should get married, when they should buy a house, start a new business or even name their baby. I grew up around this and I find nothing weird about this. It never occurred to me how strange this could sound to some people until I TRIED to advise my European friends on such things based on their Ba Zi chart.

And yes, the TRIED in CAPS as the resistance I faced was immense. Most don't get the concept but more importantly, most don't like the idea as well. Why should a key decision of life be dictated by someone else? It does come across as quite disempowering and I have to admit, sometimes in Asia, this can be taken to the extreme. I've seen people who will not and sometimes even cannot do anything without a consultation with their astrologer.

But the idea of disempowerment stems from a misunderstanding of this concept. Lets say you would like to ask the boss for a raise. Obviously, you can ask him any time you want to but wouldn't you mostly like wait until he or she is in a good and 'giving' mood? Preferably at a time when he or she thinks you have done a good job on a recent project. This not only makes asking for a raise easier but also increases the chance of you getting it!

We've all heard nightmare stories about closing a deal on a house. You think you have the house, then you can gazumped, the seller withdraws the offer, after exchanging the contracts you realize there is substantial damage to the property, etc. And yet we meet people who have negotiated and exchanged contracts smoothly with no drama at all. And I think that's the difference a good or bad period makes.

A Ba Zi reading enables a Feng Shui practitioner to study and tune in to the rhythm of your life and to gauge the favourable and unfavourable time periods to make certain decisions. You can buy a house anytime but if you do so in a period that's favourable for you, there will be less of a struggle and honestly, can't we all do with a little of that?

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