30 December 2011

What should I do in 2012?

It's that time of the year when some Feng Shui practitioners start talking about enhancers, remedies and cures for 2012 Flying Stars. You might hear about hanging mandalas to ward off bad energy or wind chimes to blow away sick energy.

Classical Feng Shui doesn't operate that way unfortunately. If there is sick energy in your room for that year, there is sick energy in your room for that year. If you don't want to be affected by the sick energy, shift rooms. If you can't shift rooms, then you better hope that this is a good year for you. Otherwise, too bad - the sick energy is going to affect you. And all you can do is try and avoid spending too much time in that room and take care of your health.

Yes, I know, very harsh. But it makes sense though. Feng Shui reads and interprets energy but it doesn't have the power to make energy 'disappear'. It's like someone who reads the weather. He can tell you if there is a storm approaching when you are at sea but he won't be able to give you a fan to blow the storm away.  

So what are the rooms you need to avoid in 2012? Ranked in order:
  1. Southeast
  2. Northeast
  3. North
If your bedroom or office desk falls in these rooms, please try and change rooms if you have the chance to do so. Also, DON'T START construction in these areas if you are renovating your property. Begin the construction elsewhere and gradually bring it to these areas.

If you can't change your office or bedroom though (like me), here's what you can do to try and minimize the effect:
  • Try and avoid spending too much time in these rooms
  • Try to shift your bed or desk to other sectors within your room (e.g. the eastern sector of your room)
  • Keep the room quiet and don't introduce any red colours in the room in terms of paint or furnishings
If you are female and trying to conceive, it is also best to avoid sleeping in or spending too much time in a southwest room this year.

Rooms to occupy

Image courtesy of imagejuicy.com

To tap into money/career energy present next year, try and locate your office to an East or West room or try and shift your desk to face these two directions. Try to spend as much time within these rooms in your home or office as well.
Placing four Chinese bamboo plants in the east of your property will also encourage the career and money energy to flourish.

Petroleum stocks will prove to be quite volatile but agricultural, dairy, vegetation stocks should prove strong.

Career and business

The money energy for next year is in the East. If there is a business opportunity in the East, go for it. Next year, job opportunities will be hard to come by as well and if you are considering moving abroad for more opportunities, the East would be the place to consider as well. 

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