28 January 2014

Feng Shui Forecast 2014: The year of the WOODEN HORSE

This is my third year offering a forecast for the year based on the teachings of Grandmaster Chan. There are many formulas to try and read the energy pattern for the year. That’s what a Feng Shui forecast is – an energy reading, to try and gauge what the dominant energy of the year is. It’s very much like a weather forecast which is why I shy away from using the word “prediction”. As I mentioned, there are lots of different formulas for this - flying star and the birth chart (also known as a Ba Zi) are only some of the formulas. The easy part is doing the formulas, the hard part is interpreting them.

So what kind of energy will the year of the wooden horse bring?

A horse can be gentle, retreating, insecure, confident, aggressive or just plain difficult. But in 2014, the wooden horse means business. It’s galloping through and it will bring with it a strong and strident energy.


This is great news. The last couple of years, the energy has been weak and watery. You can say this has been the way since 2008. This very much explains the sluggish economic atmosphere, the dismal stock market and the collapse of the property market in US and Europe. But this year, there is fire in the chart (finally!). After years of weak, middling energy, we are going to see some real progress this year on the economic front.

The energy is also balanced, easy and helpful. I know lots of Feng Shui masters are saying there will be lots of sexual scandals this year and lots of natural disasters but on the whole, this will be the year that lots of countries will see the  economic improvements they have been waiting for.

The horse is essentially fire energy. And in the year’s Ba Zi chart, it is clashing with water. This will trigger lots of air and water disasters (travel incidents related to air and sea, explosions, etc). This might involve  lots of casualties and has a greater tendency to happen in the North or Northern regions, especially around June.

After years of austerity, this year will be like coming out in the open after being stuck in a dark cave for years. There will be visible positive changes this year. The economy of most countries will be back on recovery. There’s fire in this year’s chart after a long time. Previously, there was too much water. Water in Feng Shui symbolizes fear. Fire is joy and life energy. With the comeback of fire in the chart, consumer confidence will return, consumer optimism will return. The economic climate will improve and the stock market will rise up.

The horse energy is really the peak of fire energy and the stock market could reach a high in the context of recent times. Master Raymond Lo also points out that in the last yang wood horse year in 1954, the Dow Jones industrial Average index closed at an all time high level (the peak since the Wall Street crash of 1929).

Horse is fire and what you have is the wood at the top, feeding the fire which means Heaven helping earth. The same pattern is apparent in the Chue Yik reading of the chart. Agriculture will be good this year. The harvest will be plentiful.
Property prices will see a recovery (as fire and earth are strong in the chart) across most of the world. More importantly, there’ll be movement in the property market. There’ll be a lot more supply as lots more people feel confident to step forward and put their properties on the market. The last couple of years, it’s been basically an undersupply of flats as everyone was hanging back. It started picking up a tad bit from summer 2013 but this year, it will go back to what it was before.

Two important elements are in this year’s charts which have been noticeably absent in previous years’ charts – money and career. The job market could start flourishing again, especially after July so jobless graduates or those made redundant, hold on for a little while longer. The market will start moving again. Or an initiative will be put into place to help people with housing.

There will still be riots as we can see with what’s happening in Ukraine and Bangkok right now. In January, this is more in the centre of the countries or capital cities. But the ‘conflict’ energy is not as prevalent throughout this year as it was in the previous years which points to the perhaps a milder year. There is still danger of riots though. In March, the Middle East or central regions of countries could see one. In June, a NE region could see conflict as well.

Otherwise, this is generally going to be a more stable year. The people will want more power but the Governments will prove helpful and giving. Money is available, there will be less reasons for people to riot about.

Many Feng Shui masters are predicted lots of romantic dalliances and sex scandals in the news this year. This is because in the Flying Star chart, 4 flies in to the middle. The year has already begun with President Hollande’s affair coming to light and we can expect much more.


Who’s sick of the rain? It feels like it’s been raining and flooding the past couple of years. Again, this was because of too much water in the charts. Finally, we’re getting fire and with this, we will see the weather improve.

It will get warmer and flooding will stop proving to be a problem. It’ll be ideal weather for the crops. There will be actual heat. January and February will be cold but the sun will be there and it could start getting warmer from March. There’ll be a chance for raging fires in February, July and October where the combinations will bring on raging fires.   

But November might revert to being really wet again. And in April, there could be a big weather calamity like St Jude and Hurricane Katrina. It’s because the fire tomb will be clashed open, bringing out fire.

In the Southern hemisphere, it could get crazy hot this year. Play during the Australian Open was disrupted due to the high temperature.

But all in all, 2014 is going to be a year we have been waiting for the past couple of years. Watch for my next post on who needs to take care this year and also how best to benefit and protect yourself this year.  

Also, those interested in reading how accurate my forecast was for 2013, click here and let me know what you think.

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