9 November 2014

November 2014 - the month of the wood pig

Doing a forecast for November based on the Ba Zi system. Ba Zi is a Chinese system of fortune-telling popularly known as 4 pillars of destiny. It's 4 pillars because there is a pillar for the year, month, day and time of birth. Each pillar is assigned two characters leading to 4x2 = 8 elements.

And just like a person, we can do a birth chart for a month as well to assess it's pre-disposition.

Firstly, pig is an animal assigned to the water element. So what you have is water supporting wood. This is good, we can interpret it as the earth supporting heaven. The energy is calm and long-lasting.

Unfortunately, the chart itself isn't very harmonious. There are clashes in the chart. Fire and water clashes which bodes gunfire. This also means accidents but I'm not too sure about this as the clash isn't very strong. The chue yik shows "oppression" moving towards "conflict". This makes it likely that conflicts will spring up during this month. People protesting against the Government. There is no power in the chart as well. If there was no 'power' in a person's chart, it's usually an indicator of someone who is untidy and also someone who shouldn't be having a career with the military or the Government. In addition, this person will have a hard time holding on to money. In the month's chart, the lack of power could mean 'against the Government' and the Government might have to give in and negotiate with their people.

I also think it's going to be a wet month. The water is very strong and characters combine to form "unstoppable' water. And there's no earth in the chart which means earth is weak. Taking both of this into account, maybe we'll see some landslides.

Wood related matters - nature, forestry, even income, wages, worker's rights, schools and health (NHS) will be in the forefront of issues.

Those looking to invest, wood (paper, forestry, textile) and fiery industries (entertainment and energy) will be good places to invest. Do not make any real estate investments this month. The earth is weak. Property prices might also take a dive this month.

The pig is the last animal of the Chinese Zodiac sign. It's a handover animal. It hands over a new cycle to the rat who signals the new start. A pig is always digging in the earth. It likes to know what it's holding, the content of materials before it hands over. Its a good time to take stock of 2014 - what you've achieved and what you are still hoping for. And start looking towards planning for 2015.

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