4 March 2012

Protecting your job

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A friend was just telling me that a couple of her husband's colleagues were let go on a Monday, this was after they worked the whole weekend on a deal. It sounds really inhumane and yet, this is a reality for a lot of people right now - working flat out with your fingers crossed that you are not going to be the next to go. 

The usual question I get is, is there anything "Feng Shui-wise" they can do to protect their jobs? Here are some general things that you can do:

 1. Avoid sleeping or spending too much time in Southeast, Northeast and North rooms this year. They don't have the best of energies

2. Try to spend as much time as possible in the East and West sections of your property. The best career and money energies for 2012 are here

3. Do not sit in a vulnerable position at work. The easiest way is to ensure that you are sitting with your back against a wall and that you have a full view of who is walking towards you

4. Do not buy or rent properties where the North or Northwest is compromised. By compromised, I mean if these sections of the house are missing or if there is an unsightly structure in these areas in the outside of your home

North is traditionally the career section so for a property missing this area, it would not be a surprise if the inhabitants are finding it hard to hold on to a job. I include Northwest as well as Northwest gives the house strength and if this area is missing, the property is usually considered weak which means it won't be able to support the people living there.

Now for all of those you think their North sections are missing and are going into panic mode, please relax. For one, most people get the directions all wrong. And secondly, it is never usually just one thing when it comes to Feng Shui. There is usually a coincidence of factors. 

For example, I did a consultation for a property once with both the Northwest and North missing. When the couple moved in, the stars in the centre of the house were 9,5,2. Those with a knowledge of Flying Stars will know that the appearance of these stars usually signifies something bad happening really quickly. In addition, that year was not a good, supportive year for both of them. Within 2 weeks of moving into the new property, the husband lost his job and the next week so did the wife. 

Losing your job is a very stressful situation. Try to make yourself less vulnerable with these Feng Shui tips. Good luck.  

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