22 April 2012

Example of House with good Feng Shui structure

Image courtesy of freshome.com
So what's a house with good Feng Shui? It's hard to come across houses these days that seem to conform to classical Feng Shui principles but hey, just saw this on a blog. It's in Bukit Timah, Singapore.

The house is very symetrical and nestled by it's surroundings giving it a very strong foundation. The tall trees lining the edge of the house is also protective and very auspicious for the partriach of the property. There is also a lot of space at the back of the house which helps to store energy. There's no point in grabbing good energy if you can't store it.

But what I really like about this is the pool. It is a good size, not too overwhelming for the property and the glass windows at the back make it easy for the house to grab this water energy. Hopefully, the water is located in the correct direction (avoid having water in the West, Northwest and Southwest sectors of the property).

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