23 August 2012

Why is it always raining?

Do you remember my 2012 forecast? I mentioned that it was going to be a very, very WET year with lots and lots of flooding. 

And boy or boy, has it been a wet year. In early 2012, Queensland experienced flash flooding with roads and airports needing to be closed. For the UK, 2012 was a record year for rainfall as well. I remember watching in disbelief as weeks of relentless rain turned into months of relentless rain. Washout summer took on a WHOLE NEW meaning. So why so much of rain and worse, flooding in 2012?

2012's Ba Zi chart is very watery. Of the 8 characters that make up a Ba Zi chart, 3 characters are water, 2 characters produce water and there is a water tomb character that basically acts as a reservoir to store all this water up. It's a very unbalanced chart and if this was a person, it would be very likely that this individual is prone to alcoholism and depression. The lack of fire in the chart makes it worse as there's no fire to 'dry up' the chart (incidentally, the lack of fire is also why the economy is not doing well this year). The characters in the chart also have a high tendency to combine with other characters to form, you guessed it, more water. This overflow of water is why there is so much flooding this year. 

Image of Beijing Floods by Joe Chan/Reuters

July was a particularly bad month with the earth element in the Ba Zi chart being really weak. So it really couldn't withstand the overflow of water. These are the floods that took place in July itself:
  • Russia, killing 171 people
  • Assam, India with the Brahmaputra River experiencing one of the worst flooding in 30 years
  • Historic rainfall levels drenched Houston 
  • The heaviest rain storm in 6o years also hit Beijing in late July
 August is not going to fare better. There is too much water in the chart this month as well. The Philippines has already seen a flooding with over 60 people dead. India has also seen more floods. Scarily, there seems to be a spate of drownings as well.

No wonder in Feng Shui, the hexagram made up of two water trigrams signifies "danger". Too much water is just trouble. 

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