11 June 2012

Properties around the Broadway Market Lock

I was walking around the lock near Broadway market the other day and someone remarked that the people living around here must be rich as they are all near water. 

Most important cities (actually, a lot of capital cities if you think about it) have a river running through them. To a city, a river represents life - it's from here that trade, merchants and wealth come from. Not surprisingly then, a body of water is associated with wealth in Feng Shui. Water has other important functions as well but most of the time if you are trying to boost wealth in a property, one of the best ways to achieve this is through water.

But not all bodies of water are the same. Some are 'good' water and some are 'bad' water. This is usually determined by the type of water feature and also where it is located. So what about those living near the Broadway Market lock? Will the lock bring wealth?

I don't actually know of anybody living near a lock so I can't confirm this but my theory is that those with a direct view of the lock will actually experience a constant up and down in terms of cash flow. This is because the water level of a lock is never constant - it's constantly filling up and emptying out through the day. Households might find it quite difficult to save.

Lots of litter is also trapped in the lock. We call this 'dirty water' and usually people living around this type of water might experience kidney, circulatory or eye problems. They might also have problems with alcohol or of a sexual nature (e.g. sexual disease, affairs, etc).  

The thing with water is that water also needs to be in the correct direction. For those in the new build (building on the left in the picture above), it's quite likely that the male in family is often travelling or absent due to the direct effect of the lock. Partners will find it hard to maintain a stable relationship. 

The direction of water flow is also important. For those living in this building in the image on the left, the water is located in the wrong direction in that it flows away from the property. Again, there could be a lot of problems saving money here. Money might also seem quite hard to come by.

There's usually a tell-tale sign if a water is good or bad. Usually when you are near 'good' water, the windows and doors of the properties are usually wide open or have huge glass windows - an instinctive response to soak up and receive all the good chi. With the exception of the new-build, most of the other households around the lock had their curtains drawn or windows and doors shut. 

So the next time you come across properties by the riverside, why don't you observe the state of the properties (especially the windows and doors) and try and make a guess if the water is actually 'good' or 'bad?  

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