9 February 2013


So how are the New Year preparations coming along? House cleaned? New clothes bought? Pineapple tarts, love letters all stocked up? We're having reunion dinner at my friend's place tonight. I can't wait to dig in to her Kong Bak Pau but that's for later. The question everyone's been asking is how's 2013 going to affect them? What's good for them? Where's good for them? And here my friends are the answers.

In the year of the water snake, the best sectors are North and South. Try and occupy these rooms or if you can't, face these directions or at least ensure that these sectors of your home are not cluttered with junk as that will overpower the benefits this energy can bring to your house.

If your focus is CAREER, try and get the energy from the North. If you work at home, shift your home office to the Northern room or shift your work desk so that you face the North. If the Northern sector of your home is missing or there's a bad structure located there, there is a chance that your career will be adversely affected. It is likely that the middle son of the family will do well academically or job wise if the house they live in if the North sector of the house is well kept.

If you are trying to CONCEIVE, North is also your best bet. Try and occupy a North room or angle your bed so that you face North.

For MONEY, try and tap the Southeast, South and Northwest sectors of your home. Try to make use of these rooms as much as you can. Hopefully your bedroom isn't located here as that would mean you are sleeping with your money. Businesses, ensure these sectors of your property are kept clean and inviting. Try and activate the Southeast sector with a water feature as well.

If you are looking for a new RELATIONSHIP, facing South or travelling to a Southern country could increase your chances of finding a special someone. 

But watch out for these areas in 2013:
Southwest - this sector is not good for all females. Stay out of this sector or you are likely prone to extreme stress or health issues. If you are trying to conceive as well, this is not a good area for you. If you are a female and your office or bedroom is in the Southwest, paint the whole room white and introduce a lot of metal objects or a clock with a loud sound in the room to try and control the overwhelming earth energy.

If you own a business and don't occupy the Western room this sector. You will face a lot of opposition and competition in your business.

I personally believe Ba Zi charts (personal horoscope charts) are more accurate in predicting how you will fare each year than your zodiac sign. But in general, the signs that are particularly weak this year are the Sheep and the Pig. The Pig especially as it's against the Grand Duke Jupiter.

Snakes, horse and the rat are strong signs this year. 

Those born in 1938, 1947, 1962, 1971, 1989, 1998, 1947 & 2007 need to take care this year. You should avoid going to funerals, visiting people in hospitals and walking in dark, narrow lanes in the evenings. Avoid dangerous cliffs and building sites as well. Your chi is not strong this year and is easily overpowered.

In the 2013 ba zi chart, metal it us unsupportive so watch out for metal investments (gold, metal or currency). Prices could rise very quickly and drop just as quickly. If you would like to invest in raw metal though, then do this in October as metal will be supportive then. 

Vegetation will be expensive. Prices will rise so that will be a good industry to invest in, especially in August.

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