8 February 2013

Feng Shui Prediction 2013 Part I

It's here everyone. The year of the water snake. After a dismal economic year, full of flooding and natural disasters, is good luck going to slither in this year (see what I did there?)

Soooo ... what does the year of the water snake hold for all of us? At first, I was really excited. The hexagram for the year reads BREAKTHROUGH. But a more detailed inspection curbed my enthusiasm. The chart shows that it's going to be another middling year. Not really any breakthrough of sorts. While there might be signs of life and less turbulent than 2012, the real economic pick-up is going to be 2014. 
So here's the outlook on all the fronts.

Will it finally stop raining?

I'm afraid not. It's another wet year. The North will see a lot of flooding. There will be water disasters but perhaps less than last year as there's a bit of wood energy to soak up the water. There's going to be some flooding in August and December. September and November will see excess water as well. In April and October, it looks like there might be a big natural disaster. In 2012, when this combination of stars occurred we saw Hurricane Sandy aka THE FRANKENSTORM.

But Southern regions will also experience an excess of fire energy. Tasmania, in the Southern region of Australia greeted the New Year with bush fires and this scene might be replicated in other Southern states and countries.

Basically, the earth this year will either be too wet or too hot. 

Speaking of the earth, it is also weak this year and the two earth characters in the chart clash which bodes disasters relating to earth such as earthquakes and landslides. Basically, be prepared for a lot of strange weather.

The good news is that there is some proper fire energy come Spring and Summer so we might actually have a spring and summer this year. As opposed to the washout summer of last year.


Another cold, watery chart but there is a bit of fire so there are signs of life. Again, the chart has no money so again lack of money (recession) would be a big problem this year. 

Earth is not strong so property is not going to do too well except in the summer months where there might be a sudden upsurge.

It's going to be turbulent in the Middle East. The year has already begun with Palestine threatening to sue Israel over the settlements. There is a big tendency for riots and violence in Western regions as well. Mali, a Western African state just saw an armed civil war. It'll be basically easy to throw away existing authority in Western regions. But it looks like by the end of the year, things will get more stable and generally more peaceful. The spate of protests and riots that we've seen in recent years might reduce.  

It looks like there will be abdications this year. Dutch Queen Beatrice just abdicated in favour of her son. There might also be lots of changes in Heads of States. 

It looks like some laws will come into place after May that might be related to housing or basic social security. The Government will basically do something to help the people out. This is most likely in Europe. 

So where's the best places to tap for money, career and relationships for 2013? Watch out for the next instalment of Forecase of the Water Snake year tomorrow. 

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