15 March 2014


Each year brings about new energies. But how does this affect you? And what can you do?

The most important thing is to understand if you are vulnerable this year - if the energies for the year are supporting you or are they going to have a negative impact on you. Secondly, you need to know where the good energy of your property is for the year and where the energy is not beneficial. This gives you a guide on the places to tap or avoid in your home and your office. Or choose to spend more time in the area which has the energy supportive to your goal i.e. if you are trying to conceive or start your own business. Lastly, in every year certain elements are stronger than others.  And this can be used as a guide for investments.

There’s a group of people who really need to take care of themselves this year. This is because their energy is weak as it is being overpowered by that of the wooden horse.

Those born in the years 1939, 1948, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990 and 2008 should take extra care this year. Avoid going to funerals or dark alleys or even to hospitals to visit your sick friends. You are vulnerable this year and very susceptible to yin energy. If you are born in one of these years and your bedroom or main door are in the North West or North section of your property, take extra care. 

An advice often given out by Feng Shui masters is to wear a red string around your waist or red underwear. You need a strong Yang colour to support your energy this year and to protect you.

 Animal Signs
Your animal sign is just one out of seven characters of your Ba Zi chart. While it has some impact, this is more a very rough way of reading your fortune for the year. If you really want to know how well you are going to be doing this year, you should go for a proper Ba Zi consultation. But overall, here’s a general sense of how the animal signs will fare:

Good:                  Horse, Rooster & Rabbit

Problematic:      Rat, Tiger, Ox, Dragon & Dog

The general rule is that if your sign is problematic for the year, avoid making big decisions. Lay low for the year.

If the main door or living room or your property is in the East or West this year, you are in good hands. There’s money and career energy in these areas. If not, try and spend more time in these sectors of your properties. Or at least try and face these directions. For those working in the government, the West is especially good.

Are you looking to start a relationship, get married or conceive? If your bedroom is in the South, you will find that the energies here will support you in your task. The South also has career energy. But be careful of the South. The Grand Duke Jupiter resides here for the year 2014. So avoid beginning any construction from the South and don’t sit directly facing the South in the office.

The Southwest  has the Golden Box and Money God so it’s a good position for money this year. Although, this might be more true for females. Males, especially the middle son should avoid the Southwest as they might face too much pressure or even have water retention or belly problems or even eczema. They might also feel that they are being controlled (possibly by a female).

The Northwest is not a good area in 2014. The leader is in trouble. If you are the father or main money earner of the household, try and avoid the Northwest area of your home. This area bodes illness (health or financial).
If your bedroom or house entrance is the North section of the property, expect lots stress due to career and relationship issues. The second son should definitely try and avoid the North room as well.

Those that have a large body of water in the Southeast of their property or water tank in the Southeast of the house, ensure the body of water is checked.

Overall, stay away from water and metal investments in 2014. Water can mean alcohol, shipping, airlines, communications, travel and energy businesses. Metal investments will also not prove stable.

Agriculture is a good investment. Fruits, flowers and vegetables or even wooden furniture and decorative wood products will prove great investments.

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