30 July 2014


It’s been a horrifying July. It’s been a month of accidents, violence, natural calamities and lots of death. I can't recall in recent times so many accidents and deaths all happening so close to one another. What is it about July 2014?

In July, the accident star 3, flew to the centre of the chart. This usually means accidents are in order but this could be tempered if the actual Ba Zi of the month was calmer but in July, this tendency was worsened and in fact reinforced by the Ba Zi. It’s a hot, fiery chart. Hot tempers and hot temperatures (we had soaring temperatures in the UK and actually Europe. Japan also experienced a heat wave - highest recorded for 2014)

It was also a very yang energy chart. Think of yang energy as alpha lions all grouped together. All dominant, all strident, no give and take, they need to kill or they will be killed. It's a very inflexible energy. The I Ching was also what we call a 6 crashing Kwa where every element is fighting with one another and the hexagram is thunder over thunder. Again, a very aggressive, noisy and violent energy. 

All this alpha energy & aggression encourages violence and death. The Gaza conflict has been in the forefront of news. Air strikes, bombardments, rockets. The world has called for a ceasefire but it's hard to broker one between two uncompromising, unyielding forces. 

The fieriness of the chart also made me think there might be a natural disaster that was more fire-related i.e. a volcano. But I was wrong. A tropical cyclone did sweep through the Phillippines, South China and Vietnam. 51,000 homes were destroyed in Hainan alone.

The Ba Zi for the month is also full of clashes which worsens the tendency present in the year's chart. There is a wood / metal clash and a fire / metal clash. Clashes bode accidents. We’ve had    MH 17, Air Algeria and the Taiwanese plane crash. Also a bus crash in Dresden and I’m sure I read about a ferry disaster this month as well.

The energy for August seems calmer. No major clashes but there is an overload of water. Whether this translates to more rain or increased flooding, I can’t really say yet but there’s an overload of yin energy which might prove a welcome respite after July (possibly a ceasefire negotiated as well in Gaza). The accident star flies out of the month but the illness star flies in and yin energy will only exacerbate the illness star. As I write this in the last days of July, news stories of an Ebola outbreak are out. This might be the central focus for August
The chart for September is less clear. It has a fire / water / metal clash. There might be a spate of accidents again in September but the chart is more balanced though so honestly not sure if that mitigates the 'accident' energy. It also seems like something is simmering under the surface which might become clear at the end of the month.

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