4 July 2016

The Art of Good Timing. Was 2016 the best year for David Cameron's EU referendum?

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If David Cameron was a politician in Asia, he would never have fixed a date for the referendum without first consulting a BaZi (Chinese personal astrology) consultant. BaZi tells you the energy present and the best course of action for a particular period. 

But lets just say that he did consult one, the conversation would have gone something like this:
Cameron: I need to hold a referendum in 2016 
BaZi Master: Nope, don't hold a referendum in 2016 
Cameron: It has to be 2016 
BaZi Master: If that's the case, any month but June
Ooops. So what exactly is wrong with 2016? 

1. The energy of the year does not support Cameron's chart
If you are making a big decision (to get married, to buy a house) or if you are taking a big gamble (holding a referendum, starting your own business), you want the energy of the year to support you or be beneficial for you. 

But the fire monkey energy of 2016 considerably weakens Cameron's power. Monkey to his chart also represents a strong competitor that will chip away at his power. Basically his opponents are strong this year. 

If he wanted to remain in power, 2016 should have been a year he laid low rather than took a huge political gamble. 

2. It is the year of the monkey
The Scottish referendum was held in the year of the horse. The horse are noble animals, steadfast and loyal. 

The monkey is a mischief maker. It comes in to a situation, stirs trouble, tries to make a quick gain and then will quickly exit a situation leaving someone else to clear up the mess. This is the pre-dominant energy of the year.

With something like a referendum which affects the lives of millions of people, you would want to hold it in a year when the energy is more responsible, more stable to reduce any destabilising impact, whatever the outcome. 

3. June 2016 is an extremely combative month
Even if Cameron had wanted to go ahead with a referendum in 2016, June was simply a bad month to hold one. We had the Orlando shooting this month, the murder of Jo Cox and the bombings in Istanbul and Baghdad. 

And that's because June 2016 was a turbulent month with combative, angry energy that made it difficult to create unity or consensus. It is no wonder that the referendum has been so fractious. 

NB Interestingly, Cameron's chart hints that he won't disappear off the political scene. He might have taken a beating this year but power still features quite strongly in his chart for the next ten years. I wonder what form this will take? 

There will be another Feng Shui talk at The Yard on Wednesday, 14 September 2016. Hopefully see you then. 

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