1 February 2015

Hello 2015 - a forecast for the Year of the Wood Sheep

Lots of people have asked me when does the year's energy actually change? 

Most Chinese believe it's Chinese New Year. But actually there are different schools of thought. From what I've done of people's charts and yearly charts, it seems that the energy of the year starts changing around the winter solstice but December and January are tricky months. These months see an inter-mingling of both the previous year's energy and the new one. 

The new energy becomes a lot clearer and stronger after Chinese New Year, the second new moon after the new year. 

December 2014 was particularly tempestuous mostly due to the effect of the horse still wreaking havoc but slowly, aspects of the sheep energy is already beginning to show. 

And here's a summary of what the year of the sheep will hold for us. This is also available as a detailed 10 page PDF (drop me a note if you want this) and it was written in early December 2014. 

It'll be a cold winter with bad winter storms (thunder snows in much of UK and blizzards in North America already) but the this will transform into very hot and dry weather. 

Rain will be less of an issue (with the possible exception of August). Droughts and forest fires can be expected. There might have to be water rationing in some countries. Fire crews have already been battling multiple forest fires in Southern Australia and Victoria at the start of the year. This will continue around the world. 

Basically it'll be a year of dry heat as that's the energy of the sheep. Temperatures are likely to soar in June and/or October in the Northern Hemisphere.


There were so many horrible air and sea accidents. Because there is a clash in this year's chart as well, there will still be lots of accidents but less related to air and sea. It'll be more road-related accidents. There already have been some notable ones. 

On the date of the winter solstice itself, the Glasgow bin lorry crash happened, killing 6 people. And on the same day, a man rammed his van into a Christmas market in Nantes. There was an accident in January when a Texan prison bus skidded off the embankment right onto the path of an oncoming train. And a trolley bus was hit by mortar fire in Donetsk.

The number of casualties aren't as huge as last year, thankfully. And that's because the clash this year is more gentle compared to the strident energy of the horse.  

In 2015, the earth is also weak. So we can expect notable earthquakes, sink holes and landslides. There seems to be a huge natural disaster that might happen around April or October this year as well as we've got some pretty bad clashes happening. 


The general optimism of 2014 will continue but it will start becoming clear in the first part of the year that it's a hollow growth. The economic recovery is weak in most parts, austerity will still be very much part of people's lives. Part of the reason is that there is no 'money' present in the chart although it suddenly appears in April and September. So if you are angling for money, protesting against the Government for more funds, etc, these are the months that you will see the results. 

It also looks like this year, Governments or a Head of State or Organization will have to pump or release money in response to a particular situation. I said this in early December and already the ECB has pumped in approximately one trillion euros into the sagging euro zone economy. I think we can expect more of these types of actions. 

Property investors watch out. There is something wrong with the property market this year. I think prices will definitely fall but additionally, like Westbrook (the company that hoped to make millions out of it's purchase of the New Era estate), lots of property investors will find that their deals have turned sour. Maybe lots of people will default on their mortgages or there might be problems with the mortgage market. 

Citizens are restless. They have been unhappy for years at low wages, unaffordable property and austerity cuts but no action has been taken by the Governments. This year, they will gather and strike, protest and lobby and demand that action be taken. People will agitate for wages, homes, employee rights and civil liberties. There will be protests against corruption as well. 

The chart also points to the fact that the Government might capitulate on certain things. I predicted that minimum wage will be increased as that's what happened in the last sheep yearl. In the US, as the New Year was rung in, President Obama has already signed an executive order raising the minimum wage for Federal contract workers. I won't be surprised if the UK Government followed suit. 

I wonder if Angela Merkel will capitulate to Greek's anti-austerity demand as well.

Besides the citizens, it looks like local councils and organisations will agitate for more funds or for the retention of their jobs. And they will see results too, especially in March, July and November. 


Power is in trouble this year. There's a lot of opposition to it and more importantly in the I-Ching, there's a sudden change indication at the Head of State line. This will translate to lots of snap elections being called as well sudden changes in Government.

Presidential elections were held in Sri Lanka two years ahead of schedule in January this year and to everyone's surprise, the incumbent lost. The Yemeni Government quit en masse in protest to at a Houthi rebellion and now the rebels have taken power. The recent Greek elections also saw the usual two mainstream parties marginalised and being won by an outsider.

Honestly, if a Government leader was a client and he was thinking of having elections this year, most Feng Shui masters would probably advise him to hold off till next year as everything is against the incumbent in 2015. The luck is going to be with the outsiders. 

On a more positive note, there will be lots more cooperation and treaties and pacts signed between various Governments and I say this because the sheep is a cooperative animal as opposed to the horse. Parties will be more in the mood to collaborate. 

The poor sheep. It's quite a gentle, peaceful animal. Unfortunately, the central star for the year is quite violent. That's why there will be lots of accidents and that's why there'll be lots of terrorism and violence. 

This might be most likely confined to the Gulf countries where we will continue to see violent wars and conflicts being fought. Europe will also have to grapple with this as there's a lot of clash in the Northwest which usually signifies Europe. 

Hopefully this gives you a gist of what you can expect this year. 

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